2014 | VOLUME 31 | ISSUES 1-2

Research Article

Catalogue of the amphibian and reptile type specimens of the Museu de História Natural da Universidade do Porto in Portugal, with some comments on problematic taxa

Luis M. P. Ceríaco, David C. Blackburn, Mariana P. Marques, Francisco M. Calado

green envelope luisceriaco@netcabo.pt

Pages: 13-36

We present an annotated catalog of the type specimens of amphibians and reptiles in the collections of the Museu de História Natural da Universidade do Porto in Portugal. These specimens, all from present-day Angola, formed the basis of taxonomic descriptions by both José Júlio Bethencourt Ferreira and José Vicente Barbosa du Bocage in the latest 19th and early 20th century. We provide details for all type specimens and summarize the history and taxonomy for each species. Specimens of Rappia bocagei var. maculata and Typhlops bocagei could not be located during our survey, and we believe these to be lost. The collections at the University of Porto contain type specimens of one snake, Typhlops boulengeri, and eight frogs, Arthroleptis carquejai, Hylambates bocagei var. leucopunctata, Rappia platyceps var. angolensis, Rappia bivittata, Rappia fasciata, Rappia nobrei, Rappia osorioi, and Rappia seabrai. Of these, only two are currently recognized: Afrixalus osorioi and Arthroleptis carquejai.

Published: 15 September 2014