Partnering For Success

A unique partnership recently formed to acquire and protect 2,400 hectares of some of the biologically richest rainforests in the world, and the most important area for conservation in Guatemala.

The Sierra Caral is home to a staggering 12 Threatened amphibian species, five Critically Endangered and five endemic to Guatemala. It is the most biodiverse forest remnant in Caribbean Guatemala, and quite possibly in all of the tri-national region of the Gulf of Honduras. Located on the border between Guatemala and Honduras, the Sierra Caral has been repeatedly identified as the number one conservation priority in the country. Due to its unique biogeographic conditions, it is an unparalleled center of endemism for amphibians, reptiles, and insects in northern Central America.

The largest tract of remaining forest in the Sierra Caral was in imminent risk of being lost. Properties adjacent to these forests had already been purchased by cattle barons and cleared, and it looked likely that this area would meet the same fate.

A deposit was made in 2011 to buy time for the conservation partnership to complete the fundraising necessary to secure this unique forest. Partners ASG, CI, Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC), the World Land Trust-US (WLT-US), the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), and Guatemalan NGO FUNDAECO are now actively fundraising to secure the rest of the funds necessary to protect this site in perpetuity.